Sunday June 18th, 2017

As a dissenting voice to present western energy policy, HackIt very much felt like a type of homecoming. The honest intelligence displayed by the hosts, other keynote speakers, and attendees is absolutely refreshing to one used to  hearing only trite propaganda

at conferences. It was also a pleasant surprise to experience the young vibrant culture of Kharkiv, which is positioning itself to become a world leader in cybersecurity issues ranging from low level hardware to high level programming.

HackIt brought together a well rounded set of experts, from managing cybersecurity company personnel to international hactivists to cybersecurity entrepreneurs. The convention itself was held in the ideal location. is a world class facility, easily rivaling other combined workspaces in Boston, New York, and elsewhere I have seen. It would be nice to see more panel discussions engaging the audience in methods of hacking, entrepreneurship, and activism. Interactive educational opportunities like this must be exploited to their fullest! Another thing I would improve about HackIt is to turn it into a two day event next year.