Maxim Miroshnichenko / CMO, OneBox

Growth hack in marketing and business

– about thousands of leads

– Different companies play at different levels of marketing

– how strong a slogan can change your business

– khaki in the classic seo

– khaki in google adwords

– hacks in social networks

– everything will change (or rather break) when you have 10 times more leads

– about unusual marketing and the most delusional ideas

– about media and PR

Short bio

CMO, OneBox

Now I’m only engaged in system marketing and growth hack experiments at OneBox company group. Built stream 1200-1800 leads per day.

Billing system developer for telecoms and hosting providers at the past. Then the architect and product manager at OneBox CRM + ERP.

I put his hand, leg, brain and kidneys to about 1200 different ecommerce and CRM projects.