HackIT Cup
Bug Hunting Marathon
for white hats and companies
What is HackIT Cup?

Ukraine gathers the 30 best white hat hackers from all over the World to take part in HackIT Cup competition supported by Hacken

HackIT Cup is bug hunting marathon where participants need to find bugs and vulnerabilities in web apps, API, mobile and cloud platforms, IoT, etc

HackIT Cup is also a meeting point for product owners with professionals who are able to identify, exploit and fix product flaws

Participants will be offered a chance to participate in the on-site private bug bounty program with instant payments

Work and leisure relaxing will converge at one of the most progressive student IT cities in Ukraine, in a country that is considered a haven for cybercriminals, to correct this opinion once and for all

The specialists will be able not only to show themselves and what they are capable of, but also to exchange experience, find like-minded people and create teams for the further development of the industry

Incredible experience of full immersion in a professional environment of 30 professionals gathered under one roof

White hats
Reward in HKN*

*1 Hacken (HKN) = 1 USD, details at Hacken

Hours of fun and work

Spoiler Alert

September 22

Arrival and settlement of participants

September 23

III International cybersecurity forum HackIT

September 24

Free time

September 25

  • Welcome & Presentation of the Agenda
  • Bug Hunting

September 26

  • Bug Hunting

September 27

  • Bug Hunting
  • Night transfer to Kiev by the party train

September 28

Grill party & free time

September 29

Cybersecurity startups pitching and brainstorming

September 30

HackIT Cup final award at airplane Antonov An-225 Mriya with Stephen Wozniak and Philip Zimmerman.


$ .
  • Application submitting (till September 10)
  • Pass the selection (decision influenced by your technical background, awards and honors, social activity, motivation and ideas to develop platform) (September 11-12)
  • Contract and NDA signing
  • Travel and accommodation to Ukraine (expenses of the host party)
  • Be ready for bug hunting with own computers and all you need
  • Choose the type of the participation: single game or team game
  • Read the price list for vulnerabilities
  • Search for vulnerabilities till the contest budget is over
  • Win the HackIT Cup and find more vulnerabilities than anyone else
$ .
  • Application submitting (September 5)
  • Pass the selection (September 6)
  • Contract and NDA signing
  • Choose defined program policy and decide on the level of bounty payment
  • Our expert team manage defined program
  • Our expert checked report for relevance and originality
  • Payments according to the terms

$ .
  • Hunting together, learning together
  • Private bug bounty program
  • Fresh and unknown product for public
  • Fast feedback for reported vulnerabilities
  • Face to face communication with security team
  • Job offering and useful contacts
  • Fixed instant payments in HKN
  • Memorable trip
$ .
  • Clean up of vulnerabilities for preventing financial and reputation losses
  • Crowdsourced penetration testing as effective and high qualitative method of product evaluation
  • Positive image formation for customers and partners
  • Hiring security experts
  • Face to face communication with offensive team
HackIT Cup Atmosphere

In addition to the obvious and effective business processes, the HackIT organizers guarantee an enchanting show program with the ability for both hackers and companies to present themselves.

HackIT Cup final will be held in Kiev on the world’s largest airplane Antonov An-225 Mriya.

Such an event can not go unnoticed, and therefore all those who took part in it.