Hacking Village

Hacking Village – is a platform for demonstration and practice of protection techniques and attacks with the help of various devices in the areas of hardware security.

The aim of Hacking Village is to offer participants practically hone the knowledge gained during the conference, compete for valuable prizes and simply get pleasure, learning new spheres of cybersecurity

The following topics will be covered within the Hacking Village stands:

Network Pivoting & Hardware Hacking
– Network penetration testing using hardware solutions.
– The use of single-board computers as the primary points of entering to the network.
– A living example of applicability on a real network.

Radio Interception
– Setup your radio station for $ 40.
– Analysis of a wide spectrum of frequencies.
– Frequency muffling as part of a multi-stage attack.

HID Attacks
– The possibilities of USB Killer and its useful functions.
– Rubber Ducky for $ 50 or for $ 1.
– Solder the Wi-Fi HID together.
– Contests on hacking PCs and stealing passwords using HID.

Lock Picking
– Master class on lock picking of different complexity and different types of locks.
– Participants are offered the opportunity to try to open simple locks or participate in contests for opening boxes, get rid of the handcuffs and open the door.
GSM Pentest
– Attack features, flashing the device, the interception of traffic in real time.
– Contests on interception of sms for obtaining valuable information.