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Press-release № 1
Press conference of organizers III International Cybersecurity Forum HackIT-2017 and Bug Hunting Marathon HackIT Cup

Who are “white hackers” and why do companies ask them to crack their own sites and programs? For what they will be awarded tens of thousands of dollars in crying and why in general they created their own cryptographic currency in Ukraine? And why will Steve Wozniak meet with “white hackers” in Ukraine? And here is an An-225 “Mriya” plane and an international cybersecurity forum that will be held in Kharkiv? Learn more – here

Press-release № 2
Who is the best of all to take a “digital footprint”? In Ukraine, a competition for cyber-detectors is held

From September, 8 till September, 12th in Ukraine the competition “Cyberdetective” will take place for the first time. Participants from all over the world will compete in the search for information from open sources on the Internet. This way you can find people, companies, organizations, even if they are hiding. The organizers assure that no special software is required for this, just a computer, internet access and some deduction. The prize winners will receive tickets for the III International Cybersecurity Forum HackIT-2017, which will be held on September 23 in Kharkiv.Learn more – here

Press-release № 3
“Two-meter security guard is good, but business needs cybersecurity”.

The international cybersecurity forum HackIT-2017 will be organized in Kharkov.
International forum on cybersecurity HackIT-2017 will happen in Kharkiv for the third time on September 23. The number of its participants is growing every year and this time will exceed 1000 people who will come from three parts of the world. So, organizers are sure that HackIT is moving to the right direction. Learn more – here

Press-release № 4
Founder of CryptoSeal and HavenCo, Ryan Lacky will perform for the first time in Ukraine at the HackIT forum

September 23 in Kharkov on HackIT will be an American entrepreneur and hacker Ryan Lacki – the founder of CryptoSeal, a startup, in 2014 became part of Cloudflare. “Hack, create, sell, or how hackers can succeed in the business world” at the international forum on cybersecurity HackIT-2017 will be the first public appearance of Lucky in Ukraine. Learn more – here

Press-release № 5
Ukrainian “white hackers” will present their own Crypto currency at HackIT forum

On September 23, the organizers of the 3rd international forum on cyber security HackIT will present a new Hacken crypto currency, for which the services of “white hackers” can be purchased on the platform with the same name. The Hacken Crypto currency will work in conditions of “reverse emission” – part of the commission for transactions will be “burned”, which will lead to a constant increase in the cost of one “hacken”. Another important feature of the platform will be the provision of services to protect other ICO – hackers know how to protect their savings from “colleagues.” The pre-sale began on 18 September. In open access hackens will arrive on October 12, and the sale will last a month. Learn more – here

Release-after-fact № 6
“Go to the bright side”: “White” hackers on the forum HackIT offered own crypto currency and competitive salary

September 23 in Kharkov was the III International Forum on Cybersecurity HackIT-2017. Among the guests and participants are representatives of three continents. The key speaker of the forum is the creator of Cryptoseal and HavenCo Ryan Lacky. The most anticipated events are the platform presentation for the “white” Hacken hackers and the crypto currency of the same name, as well as the CyberGuard project from the concern “Ukroboronprom”.Learn more – here