Annual Cybersecurity Forum
HackIT 2017
Kharkiv, Ukraine
About Forum

The third international cybersecurity forum HackIT-2017 (2016, 2015)

Creation of a qualified professional cybersecurity community

Current problems in cybersecurity field

The problems of the industry in IT-business, e-commerce, financial sector

About HACKIT 2017

This year the third international cybersecurity forum HackIT is gathering about 1,000 participants from different parts of Ukraine as well as from nine other countries. Five floors of the Palace of Students in Kharkov will be hosting the event.

Current topics this year will be the analysis of the most high-profile cyber incidents in the past year, the latest cyber weapons, methods of cyber espionage, and solutions for protection and prevention of cyber threats.

WHAT to expect at HACKIT-2017?

Topical issues in business and public sector, e-commerce and finance, critical infrastructure

Demonstration of practical aspects of hacking and protection

Competition about open source and competitive intelligence

CTF as an eSport. CTF tasks solving on the stage for a limited time

Team CTF game. 2-day online tour. 7 categories

We are looking for the best cybersecurity projects to support and mentor


The speakers are going to be represented by ethical hackers, bug hunters, developers, visionaries, researchers and representatives of the public sector in the field of cybersecurity, representatives of the legislative branch of the relevant committees this year.

Independent Researcher
    CEO @ Veiliux
    Senior Consultant @ Deloitte
    Lead Penetration Testing Engineer
    Founder @ CryptoSeal
    СEO, Axon Partners
    CEO at NioGuard Security Lab
    .NET developer @ ukad-group
    Technical Director @ Check Point
    Senior Security Specialist
      Research Fellow at IOHK
      Software Engineer @MarketPsych
        Co-founder & CFO & Lead Manager @ Hacken
        CEO/CTO @Crypviser GmbH
        Director at Design and Test Lab
        Dean @ Kyiv Cyber Academy
        CMO, OneBox
        People's Deputy of Ukraine
        HackenProof Technical Director
        • Nick Bilogorskiy

          I enjoyed speaking and sharing my experience of defending American enterprise networks from cyber security attacks at HackIT-2016. I was very impressed with the number and quality of the attendees for this conference as well as the high level of professionalism (more…)

        • Andrew Auernheimer

          This was the best experience I ever had speaking at any event. Everyone I met at HackIT is bright and enthusiastic and a pleasure to be around. This is the only hacker event I will keep coming back at for years in the future.

        • Alfonso De Gregorio

          It has been both a honour and privilege to address our community gathered at HackIT. I have always respected and valued highly my fellows in Ukraine and making it to Kharkiv provided me with the opportunity to meet with, and listen to, them. (more…)


          I liked the HackIT Ukraine and remembered that it was not a conference or a round table, and even not a workshop. This is indeed a forum. A forum for those who are not only interested in informational and cybernetic security,  (more…)


          The atmosphere was saturated with a thirst for knowledge and a thirst to share this knowledge. It was nice to see the desire for knowledge of the young guys. Questions that have been asked, tell us about a real craving for information,  (more…)


          A detailed analysis of the most high-profile cyber attacks of the year, the search for vulnerabilities of software by white hackers and Internet traps for blacks, communication with representatives of cyberpolice is not a complete list of the impressive moments of the leading conference  (more…)


          HackIT - the most large-scale conference in Ukraine in 2016, which specifically focuses on information security issues(more…)


          This year, the organizers especially managed to make a show from technical reports. Forum in the right style: not boring. Mass of entertainment from radio-controlled tanks to alkocameras  (more…)


          Reading books allows to learn how fundamental things work, results of the researches are presented in articles and ideas appear on conferences. There were a lot of interesting ideas and cool speakers on the HackIT  (more…)

        • Andrew Dodson

          As a dissenting voice to present western energy policy, HackIt very much felt like a type of homecoming. The honest intelligence displayed by the hosts, other keynote speakers, and attendees is absolutely refreshing to one used to  hearing only trite propaganda (more…)



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