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HackIT 2018 is a 2-day forum devoted to Defense and Attack themes and the main topic for 2018 is Blockchain technology.

  • Web/Mobile security
  • Blockchain/DApps/Smart Contracts security
  • Wireless security
  • Bug Hunting/Penetration testing
  • Hardware/IoT/SCADA security
  • Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering
  • Cryptography
  • Social Engineering
  • CyberSecurity risk management/Regulations

Attack Day

Speaker Benefits

For the new research release at HackIT 2018

  • Travel reimbursement (based on actual costs up to 1000 USD per research)
  • Complimentary accommodation
  • Complimentary conference pass
  • Media coverage: interviews, publications or briefings

Research based on existing information (non-unique findings)

  • Complimentary accommodation
  • Complimentary conference pass

Research submission fields

  • Anonymous status (You can use fake name or ask to hide your identity or even not come to HackIT physically)
  • Will be it published before HackIT 2018? (No / Yes, where?)
  • Research contains (Exploit / Full disclosure of vulnerability or 0-day / Unique tool, script, automatization, etc. / Non-serial hardware (DIY) / New attack vector or defense method)
  • PoC or Demo

Best Research Award

Submissions will be judged on the originality, meaning, correctness and impact. Three distinguished presentations will be selected and honored among the others presented at a HackIT conference.

Attack-related researches rewards:

1st place – Prizes & 1500 USD
2nd place – Prizes & 1000 USD
3rd place – Prizes & 500 USD

Defence Day

There are no defaults regarding speaker benefits for this day. You can submit any defense-related topic and get a response with the review and any further instructions.