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HackIT 2018 is a 2-day forum devoted to Defense and Attack themes and the main topic for 2018 is Blockchain technology.

  • Web/Mobile security
  • Blockchain/DApps/Smart Contracts security
  • Wireless security
  • Bug Hunting/Penetration testing
  • Hardware/IoT/SCADA security
  • Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering
  • Cryptography
  • Social Engineering
  • CyberSecurity risk management/Regulations

Attack Day

Speaker Benefits

For the new research release at HackIT 2018

Travel reimbursement (based on actual costs up to 1000 USD per research)
Complimentary accommodation
Complimentary conference pass
Media coverage: interviews, publications or briefings

Research based on existing information (non-unique findings)

Complimentary accommodation
Complimentary conference pass

Research submission fields

  • Anonymous status ( You can use fake name or ask to hide your identity or even not come to HackIT physically )
  • Will be it published before HackIT 2018? ( No / Yes, where? )
  • Research contains ( Exploit / Full disclosure of vulnerability or 0-day / Unique tool, script, automatization, etc. / Non-serial hardware (DIY) / New attack vector or defense method)
  • PoC or Demo

Best Research Award

Submissions will be judged on the originality, meaning, correctness and impact. Three distinguished presentations will be selected and honored among the others presented at a HackIT conference.

Attack-related researches rewards:

1st place – Prizes & 1500 USD
2nd place – Prizes & 1000 USD
3rd place – Prizes & 500 USD

Defense Day

There are no defaults regarding speaker benefits for this day. You can submit any defense-related topic and get a response with the review and any further instructions.